Jun 14, 2011

Twosday Favs 17

~ One ~
Dahlias- SO GORGEOUS! I bought (for 2.00) a beautiful, puffy dahlia, white, but the petals on the bottom and the tips of others were PINK!!!! SO pretty. Pictures soon!

~ Two ~
Blogs. Checking them, posting, commenting, ect.ect.ect. Is that a good thing? Lol. :)

Well I need to go do Bible.... I really should have done that before blogging, right???

See all you guys next week for Twosday Favs!

P.S. Before I promised red to be the theme of Twosday Favs a while back and then I didn't do it- well, next weeks theme (I promise to stick to it!) Outdoors, and Favorite Song... maybe I should make that favorite Songs

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