Jun 6, 2011

To start your day off right:

Well, not to make fun of anyone who does this in the morning but these are two ways of getting up and starting the day:
1. Roll out of bed, pull on some frumpy clothes or a robe, start the coffee maker and read the newspaper.
2. Roll out of bed, stay in your pj's, eat breakfast, lounge around, get dressed, do some chores here and there....
Well, I used to think No. 2 was the good one, the one I made a ritual... but now that I wrote it down, it ain't lookin too great.
But I do know the absolute best way to start your day, no matter what your style is.

{Psalms 107}

{Proverbs 21}

{Proverbs 30}

Start your day off right- talk to the Father!

1 comment:

Jemimah C. said...

Amen! That's the best way to start the morning.